Preparing for college is a process and one that begins

the first day of the Freshman year.  Below you will find

a list of steps that should be completed each year to be

ready to make decisions about college and your future. 

The Senior year list is long but will be eased greatly if

you accomplish the necessary steps in the prior years.



Helpful websites for college searching...       


Christian College Mentor @ (Christian college search)


Christian College Guide @  (Campus life college guide to Christian colleges)


What’s the Best College Searching Tool @ (Christian college guide)


Christian Colleges by state that subscribe @ (Christian college search)


College Net on the Web @  (online college & scholarship search and applications)


Colleges & Scholarship Searching Tool @ 

Go College @ (college search, scholarship search, ACT online practice tests)

Peterson’s Guide @ (college search, scholarship search, financial aid)

U.S. News & World Report @ (college info, best colleges, scholarships)

The College Board @ (College searching)


ACT Online @ (College & Career Exploration with Testing Tips)


College View @ (Search for colleges, careers, and scholarships)



College Planning Checklists


For Freshmen

 Make the most of high school!

Participate in activities

Try different classes

Review your study habits (See Study Tools in this website)

Look for ways to improve

Do your very best in all your classes (Grades DO matter to colleges)

Do something creative

Be adventuresome

Research possible careers (See Career Searching in this website)

Review your EXPLORE or PSAT  test results and how they relate to your career and educational plans.



For Sophomores


Attend SW MO Regional College Fair @ MSSU in October.

Prepare to take the ACT

Practice exams are available in the Guidance Center.

Check out the ACT “How to” books in the Guidance Center

Check out the Test Prep in this website

Register for ACT Super Saturday (Aug/Sept)

 ACT Enhancement Workshop (Oct.)

Practice!  Practice!  Practice!

Job shadow in the field of your career interest.

Volunteer in an area that interests you.

Learn something about yourself.

Giving to others matters!

Begin writing your resume`

Keep a record of your

Shadowing experiences

Volunteer efforts

Academic awards

Special projects


Other learning experiences

Research possible careers (See Career Planning in this website)

Spring/Summer months –

Prepare to take the PSAT exam.

Register for PSAT Prep Classes

Review vocabulary

Take practice tests

Check out Guidance Center resources

Check out the Test Prep in this website

Review eligibility for college entrance, scholarships, and NCAA.

Review your study habits

Look for ways to improve

Do something creative

Try something new!




For Juniors


Take challenging courses and make the best grades possible.  Remember GPA matters!

Continue to research your career choices (for PSAT takers) (for ASVAB takers)


Register & take the ACT until you are satisfied with your score

5 test dates (Oct/Dec/Feb/Apr/Jun)

Attend SW MO Regional College Fair @ MSSU in October.

Take the PSAT (Check out the SAT/PSAT page in this website)

SAT preview exam

National Merit Qualifying Test

Search for schools of interest.

Plan to visit at least 3 schools.

Each junior student is given 2 college visit days

Decide what schools you will apply to.

Begin writing your college essay.

Compare your career choice(s) with interested schools academic/training programs.


Summer before Senior Year

Begin searching for scholarships (Check out the Scholarship page in this website)

Make a calendar for application & scholarship deadlines.

Complete your campus visits.

Register with NCAA for college sports.

Compose your resume`.

Volunteer if possible in the field of your career interest.


College Planning Checklist for Seniors



_____  Choose three or four schools you are interested in.  Request Applications

_____  Search for private scholarships (Web & Guidance Office)

_____  Register for ACT or SAT (should be final time to take these exams)

_____  Compile a list of school, community, church activities involved in and leadership roles

_____Create a calendar of deadlines for admissions, scholarship and financial aid applications and test registrations



_____  Apply to schools most interested in

_____  Request financial aid information.  Review application procedures and deadlines

_____  Schedule final campus visits if necessary before making application

_____  Attend college/career night

_____  Continue to search for private scholarships

_____  Work on essays for scholarship and school applications

_____  Ask key individuals who know you well to write a recommendation (should have at least 3)



_____  Collect completed letters of recommendation

_____  Send college admission applications (well in advance of the deadlines)

_____  Schedule campus visits with financial aid and your department

_____  Complete federal/state tax returns for use in completing FAFSA



_____  File Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

_____  Meet all financial aid deadlines

_____  Respond to requests for information from admissions or financial aid offices

_____  Register for CLEP tests

_____  Schools will begin sending acceptance and financial award letters



_____  Select a school and notify the admissions office

_____  Notify schools not attending that you applied to

_____  Pay the required deposits for enrollment and/or residence hall

_____  Contact school financial aid office for loan applications if necessary



_____  Request that final high school transcript be sent

_____  Contact admissions office to verify that all needed information is complete

_____  Follow all instructions from school regarding admission and financial aid

_____  Attend orientation programs when offered

_____  Schedule a visit with your academic advisor

_____  Pre-register for classes for fall semester


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